September 10, 2013

Burning money | Hanoi


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x@1600
Most likely for a Chinese funeral, but I didn't ask questions.

Baguettes, Vietnam-style | Hanoi


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x@1600
Such a joy to see a big pile of fresh bread, after three years living in small-town Thailand.

Texting | Hanoi


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x

Crossing | Hanoi


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x

Tourist central | Hanoi


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x

Hang Mua | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC
400 steps up a winding stone staircase, with gorgeous views of the Tam Coc river and small pagodas scattered throughout the hills. Definitely worth it.

Bich Dong | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC
A surprisingly multi-leveled temple.

Pot dealer | Tam Coc


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC
My years in Asia have shown me a certain sameness of villages across countries: homes made of lightweight wood or bamboo with thatch or tin roofs, often on stilts. Wide dirt roads. But in Tam Coc, the village looked like it was plucked out of a southern France valley. Narrow, walled, stone. Perhaps not so strange in formerly colonial Vietnam, however.

Foot-rowing | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Fuji Reala
Boats in Tam Coc are rowed in this style, pushing the feet against the oars. Apparently it saves energy.

Going home | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x
The rivers of Tam Coc are heavily dotted with tourist boats, so it's charming to see a few local people who really do use these waterways to travel around.

Through limestone hills | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC

Cemetary | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC

Embarcadero | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak Tri-x

Bicycle path | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC

Bicycles | Tam Coc, Vietnam


Olympus OM-2N | Kodak 160VC